By: Brandon Terrell

River States Conference Standings

  • (#12) IU Kokomo- The Cougars started their week off with a huge win over (RV) IU Southeast by a score of 62-61. Trequan Spivey was fouled shooting a three with just .8 seconds remaining and was able to knock down two of his three free throws to give  IU Kokomo the win. Akil McClain led the Cougars with 23 points. On Saturday, the Cougars traveled to Brescia and defeated the Bearcats 73-59. Once again McClain led the way with 17 points and six rebounds. Following the victories IU Kokomo remained undefeated in conference play at 6-0. 
  • WVU Tech– The Golden Bears had two games this week with their first being a home game with Rio Grande. WVU Tech came out on top by a score of 84-79, and were led in scoring by Junior Arrey with 35 points. In their second matchup, on Saturday, they were defeated by Bluefield State College 95-94. Once again the Golden Bears were led by Junior Arrey, who posted his sixth double-double of the season leading the way with 25 points and 11 rebounds. Arrey also recorded seven assists. WVU Tech are now 11-7 overall and 6-1 in conference. 
  • IU East– The Red Wolves started off the week with a loss on Tuesday at Point Park by a final score of 85-77. IU East was led by Garret Silcott with 20 points, and Jehu Lafeuillee had 12 points and 11 rebounds. On Saturday, IU East dominated Carlow at home 116-61. Brady Smith had 25 points off the bench, and Lafeuille had another double-double with 16 points and 12 rebounds. The Red Wolves are now 12-9 overall and 6-1 in conference
  • (RV) IU Southeast-  The Grenadiers had a slow week coming off of their double-overtime victory over Rio Grande, they suffered a one point defeat on the road against IU Kokomo. David Burton had 21 points and 12 rebounds in the loss. The crazy ending to that game puts IU Southeast at 12-6 overall, and 5-2 in conference.  
  • Midway- Midway had a busy week, starting with a loss on Tuesday at Alice Lloyd 80-89. They came home and defeated Asbury on Thursday 79-84. The Eagles were led by Donnie Miller who attributed 20 points off the bench. On Saturday, the Eagles played at home against Oakland City University and came out on top 92-86. Kaleb Britt had 23 points, seven assists and nine rebounds. Kwon Evans also had 18 points to go along with 11 rebounds. Midway is now 11-8 overall and 4-3 in conference. 
  • Ohio Christian- The TrailBlazers started their week with a tough road scare, barely edging by Carlow 78-75. Justin Barksdale led all scorers with 23 points, and also pitched in 11 rebounds for the double-double. On Satruday, the Trailblazers hosted Point Park and won another close game by a score of 72-68. Senior Jermaine Smith came off the bench and led all scorers with 23 points. Ohio Christian are now 7-12 overall and 4-3 in conference. 
  • Point Park- The Pioneers had a huge home victory on Tuesday over IU East 85-77 and were led by Kameron Shockley’s 20 points, and Adam Scott’s 17 points and 11 rebounds. On Saturday they were defeated by Ohio Christain 68-72 to move to 10-9 overall and 3-3 in conference. 
  • Alice Lloyd- On Tuesday the Eagles defeated Midway 80-89 and were led by Blake Smith with an outstanding 40 points! On Saturday they were defeated by Asbury 90-98, but Blake Smith had another outstanding performance having 33 points. The Eagles are now 9-10 overall and 3-4 in conference. 
  • Rio Grande- The Red Storm had just one game this week which was on the road against first place WVU Tech. They kept the game impressively close, losing 79-84. Rio Grande was led by an outstanding game from Gunner Short who had 31 points. The Red Storm are now 9-12 overall and 2-5 in conference. 
  • Brescia- Brescia also just had one game this week, and it was on the road against IU Kokomo which they lost by a score of 59-73. Ricky Shuford led Brescia with 23 points and 8 rebounds. Brescia is now 6-12 overall and 1-5 in conference.
  • Asbury- On Thursday Asbury lost at Midway 79-84, and were led by Eric Powell who had 18 points and seven rebounds. They bounced back big time on Saturday winning at home against Alice Lloyd 98-90. Jamiel Goliday was huge off the bench, contributing 24 points and five boards. Asbury is now 7-13 overall and 1-6 in conference. 
  • Carlow- On Wednesday Carlow hit the road and finally were able to secure their first win of the season defeating Washington and Jeferson College 70-69. Sophomore Marcus Millien had 17 points and Eugene Goodwine had 14. Saturdays matchup with IU East was worse, as Carlow suffered a 61-116 defeat. Carlow is now 1-19 overall and 0-7 in conference.



  1. WVU Tech (11-7, 6-1)
  2. IU East  (12-9, 6-1)
  3. Ohio Christian (7-12, 4-3)
  4. Point Park   (10-9, 3-3)
  5. Rio Grande (9-12, 2-5)
  6. Carlow (1-19, 0-7) 


  1. IU Kokomo    (16-3, 6-0)
  2. IU Southeast  (12-6, 5-2) 
  3. Midway      (11-8, 4-3)
  4. Alice Lloyd  (9-10, 3-4)
  5. Brescia  (6-12, 1-5)
  6. Asbury (7-13, 1-6) 


Tuesday, January 21st- IU East @ IU Kokomo    7:30 pm EST Watch

Thursday, January 23rd- Midway @ WVU Tech    7:30 pm EST Watch

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