Tomorrow morning we will release our actual National Championship Preview Guide, with breakdowns of games, brackets and more. For this article, we give a statistical breakdown of the Team and Individual leaders in each Quadrant. We also give out our Starting Five in each Quad. Before anyone gets too upset about us leaving players out, narrowing each Quad down to just a Starting Five is nearly impossible. Plenty of other players could have made the cut and we will discuss them more thoroughly in tomorrows article. However, for today’s article we wanted to at least give a guide of some of the Top Players in each Quadrant!

NAIA National Championship Leaders

Leading Scorer in Tournament: Mason Walters, Jamestown 24.5ppg

Leading Rebounder in Tournament: Alex Gross, Olivet Nazarene – 14.5rpg

Leading Assist Getter: Cam Potts, Talladega – 6.7apg

Leader in Steals: Myles Burns, Loyola – 3.9spg

Leader in Blocks: Alex Gross, Olivet Nazarene – 3.4bpg

Number of 2021-22 Conference Players of the Year: 15

Naismith Bracket

Naismith Team Stat Leaders

Offensive PPG

1. Loyola – 89.8ppg

2. Florida College – 89.2ppg

3. Olivet Nazarene – 88.1ppg

4. Huntington – 83ppg

5. Georgetown – 82ppg

Defensive PPG

1. College of Idaho – 63.2ppg

2. Lourdes – 66.2ppg

3. Loyola – 68.9ppg

4. Evangel – 69ppg

5. OUAZ – 69.2ppg

Team FG%

1. Olivet Nazarene – 55.6%

2. Grace – 51.4%

3. Florida College – 50%

4. Vanguard – 48.9%

5. Loyola – 48.5%

Team Defensive%

1. BenU Mesa – 38.1%

2. Florida College – 39.7%

3. College of Idaho – 40.4%

4. Olivet Nazarene – 40.5%

5. Grace – 40.7%

Naismith Starting Five – Top Players To Watch

Ricardo may not have the stats that everyone else does, but that is because of the pace and style of play that College of Idaho Plays at. The CCC Player of the Year and the Yotes are a team to watch out for!

Matt is a walking bucket! The CAC Player of the Year is an explosive scorer. He is capable of putting the Falcons on his back and carrying them to Kansas City. It’s a tough road, but Matt is a baller!

The SSAC Player of the Year and National Player of the Year candidate, Zach Wrightsil has one of the best motors in the NAIA. He competes, never gives up on plays and is a force on both ends of the floor. He is part of one of the most potent duo’s in the NAIA with Myles Burns. Add in Brandon Davis and company and the Wolfpack are your favorites to bring home a title!

Frankie Davidson of Grace will be one of the most quiet scorers in the Championships. Both literally and figuratively. Frankie isn’t much of a talker, but the 1st team All-CL performer is an elite player who just goes about his work and at end of game you see him with 20+ points. He leads a loaded Lancer group who is ready to make some noise.

Quite possibly the best two players in the NAIA are in this bracket. Wrightil and Alex Gross. Gross has had a monster year as he has flat out dominated CCAC play on his way to CCAC Player of the Year. Alex has flirted with a few Quadruple-Doubles this season and is primed to continue his dominance in this tournament.

Individual Stat Leaders

Top Scorers

1. Alex Gross, ONU – 23.5

2. Matt Simpson, FC – 22.5

3. Tyler Schmidt, ONU – 19.9

4. Frankie Davidson, Grace – 18.7

5. Zach Wrightsil, Loyola – 18.5

Top Rebounders

1. Alex Gross, ONU -14.5rpg

2. Kyran Jones, G’Town – 11.3rpg

3. Maurice Walton, BUMesa – 10.1

4. Nick Welch, Lourdes – 9.2rpg

5. Doug Collins, OUAZ – 8.8rpg

Top Passers

1. Landon Pflederer, ONU – 6.3apg

2. Phat Cleveland, FC – 6.2apg

3. Alex Gross, ONU – 5.6apg

4. Isaac Davis, Vanguard – 5.5apg

5. Adarion Hudson, TN Southern – 5apg

Cramer Bracket

Cramer Team Stat Leaders

Offensive PPG

1. Saint Francis (IN) – 84.2ppg

2. Indiana Wesleyan – 84ppg

3. Montreat – 83.9ppg

4. Southeastern (FL) – 82.2ppg

5. Southwestern (KS) – 81.9ppg

Defensive PPG

1. Xavier – 60.2ppg

2. Hope International – 64.8ppg

3. Indiana Tech – 65.4ppg

4. Tougaloo – 66ppg

5. Southwestern (KS) – 66.2ppg


Offensive FG%

1. Northwestern (IA) – 51.1%

2. Hope International – 50.5%

3. Briar Cliff 49.6%

4. Indiana Wesleyan – 49.5%

5. William Jessup – 49.3%

Defensive FG%

1. Xavier – 37.1%

2. Indiana Tech – 39.4%

3. Southwestern (KS) – 40.2%

4. Southeastern (FL) – 40.7%

5. Arizona Christian – 40.8%

Cramer Starting Five – Top Players To Watch

We saw Antwaan Cushingberry lead USF to a monster run last year in the National Championships and he looks primed to do it again. Him and David Ejah are a lot of fun to watch and both are capable of having HUGE outputs in this tournament.

The GSAC Player of the Year, Cash Williams, is an electric scorer. He has been even better as of late with stud Freshman, Myles Corey out. This is a good Jessup ball club with multiple scoring weapons, but Cash lives up the name as he has been cash money in big games this season!

The 2x KCAC Player of the Year is going to be a 1st Team All-American again this season. Jaylon Scott is a tremendous player who flirts with a triple-double most nights. He is so unselfish, but can also take over a game when needed.

The Sun Conference Player of the Year, Riley Minix, is also one of the best comeback stories of the year! Riley missed most of last season due to injury, but the 6’7 mismatch nightmare has been unbelievable this season!

The Crossroads League Player of the Year, Seth Maxwell, is one of the most dominate Forwards in the NAIA. He has really developed his perimeter game and is a legit force both inside and out. He is also one of the best rim protectors in the NAIA.

Top Individual Stat Leaders

Top Scorers

1. Riley Minix, SEU – 22.9ppg

2. Alex Van Kalsbeek, NWC – 22.5ppg

3. Antwaan Cushingberry, USF – 22.2ppg

4. Noah Dunn, Montreat – 22ppg

5. Cevin Clark, Southwestern – 20.3ppg

Top Rebounders

1. Riley Minix, SEU – 11.2rpg

2. Jaylon Scott, Bethel – 11.1rpg

3. Andrew O’Brien, Southwestern – 10.8rpg

4. David Ejah, USF – 9.3rpg

5. Jaja Davis, Montreat – 8.8rpg

Top Passers

1. Jaylon Scott, Bethel – 5.8apg

2. Cash Williams 5.5apg

3. Spencer Piercefield, IWU – 4.8apg

4. Antwaan Cushingberry, USF – 4.6apg

5. Antwan Beans, Tougaloo – 4.3apg

Duer Bracket

Duer Team Stat Leaders

Offensive PPG

1. William Penn – 95ppg

2. WVU Tech – 81ppg

2. Marian – 80.4ppg

3. Dordt – 80.2ppg

4. Concordia (NE) – 79.3ppg

Defensive PPG

1. Talladega – 58ppg

2. Carroll – 62.5ppg

3. Marian – 63ppg

4. Bellevue – 63.4ppg

5. IU Kokomo – 64.3ppg

Offensive FG%

1. Marian – 50.3%

2. William Penn – 49.6%

3. MVNU – 49.5%

4. WVU Tech – 49.3%

5. Jamestown – 49.1%

Defensive FG%

1. Talladega – 38%

2. IU Kokomo – 39.3%

3. WVU Tech – 40.1%

4. Lewis-Clark St – 40.4%

5. William Penn – 41.1%


Duer Starting Five – Top Players To Watch

The former GCAC Player of the Year was a 1st Teamer in the SSAC this year. Darryl Baker is a big part of what makes Dega go and the All-American will be a big part of why Dega could go far in this tournament!

The River States Conference Player of the Year is a real force on both ends of the floor. Desean Hampton has been a force for Kokomo all season long. His defensive abilities help to spark the Cougars and offensively he is a mismatch nightmare for teams who can’t matchup to Kokomo’s small ball game!

The 2x Frontier Conference Player of the Year is having another big time year. Jovan Sljivancanin is really tough competitor and while there isn’t a lot of flash to his game, he just flat gets it done on both ends of the floor. 

The 2x Heart of America Player of the Year is truly a special player who can flat ball. Kevion Blaylock should be a 2x 1st Team All-American performer and is a serious contender for National Player of the Year. He is a high flyer, but his game is also much more than that as he can take you outside and his mid-post game is tough to stop. 

Mason Walters continues to dominate the NAIA. The 2x GPAC Player of the Year will be another contender for National Player of the Year. The big man continues to develop his game and is going to provide headaches to whoever they end up facing in the National Championships.

Top Individual Stat Leaders

Top Scorers

1. Mason Walters, UJ – 24.5ppg

2. Kevion Blaylock, WPU – 20.9ppg

3. Kortland Martin, FHU – 20.5ppg

4. Jovan Sljivancanin, Carroll- 19.4ppg

5. Bryce Coppock, Dordt – 19.1ppg

Top Rebounders

1. Mason Walters, UJ – 11.5rpg

2. Desean Hampton, IUK – 11.3rpg

3. Jovan Slivancanin, Carroll – 10.9rpg

4. Kevion Blaylock, WPU – 10.2rpg

5. Kyle Kegley, MVNU – 9.5rpg

Top Passers

1. Cam Potts, Dega – 6.7apg

2. Chanze Cruesoe, WPU – 5apg

3. Q Cager, WPU – 4.8apg

4. Luke Rankin, Dordt – 4.6apg

5. Marc Kjos, UJ – 4apg

Liston Bracket

Liston Team Stat Leaders

Offensive PPG

1. LSU Shreveport – 84ppg

2. LSU Alexandria – 84ppg

3. IU South Bend – 82.7ppg

4. Oklahoma Wesleyan – 82.4ppg

5. Science & Arts (OK) – 81.7ppg

Defensive PPG

1. Oklahoma Wesleyan – 62.2ppg

2. Missouri Baptist – 65.2ppg

3. IU South Bend – 65.7ppg

4. Thomas More – 65.9ppg

T5. Montana Tech – 66.8ppg

T5. Central Methodist – 66.8ppg

Offensive FG%

1. Thomas More – 50.1%

2. LSU Alexandria – 49.3%

3. Oregon Tech – 48.9%

4. Missouri Baptist – 48.8%

5. IU South Bend – 48.7%

Defensive FG%

1. Oklahoma Wesleyan – 38.5%

2. IU South Bend – 39.5%

3. SAGU – 40.4%

4. Union – 40.7%

5. Missouri Baptist – 40.9%

Liston Starting 5 – Top Players To Watch

Cameron Hines, is small but mighty! The Sooner Athletic Conference Player of the Year is such a special scorer. Hines is part of one of the best back courts in the NAIA with Stephon Hall. This Drover team, led by Cam Hines, can make a serious run at a National Title.

The 2x Appalachian Athletic Conference Player of the Year is one of the best scorers in the NAIA. Turner was a 1st team All-American last season and should be again this year.

Sindou Diallo is one of the best athletes in the NAIA. He is tough, physical and explosive at the rim. He helped Montana Tech win their first Conference Championship in over 20 seasons and will be a big factor for the Orediggers if they are to make a deep run!

The Mid-South Player of the Year, Ryan Batte, is another one of those mismatch players we see a lot in the NAIA. He has been special for this TMU squad and will be a major factor as the Saints look to march deep into the NAIA National Championships.

The Freshman big man for OKWU, Jaden Lietzke has been really good for the Eagles. This is a team that subs 5 in and 5 out, with a lot of balance to their lineups, but Jaden has led the way for them this season on his way to a 1st Team All-KCAC perfomer.

Individual Stat Leaders

Top Scorers

1. Markel Turner, Union – 22.3ppg

2. Ryan Batte, TMU – 21.2ppg

3. Ryan Miller, GV – 20.7ppg

4. AJ Rainey, LSUA – 18.8ppg

5. Jonathan Brown, CMU – 18.7ppg

Top Rebounders

1. Andre Silva, Union – 11rpg

2. Dallas Bailey, GV – 9.2rpg

3. Jonathan Lewis, LSUA – 9rpg

4. Rory Pantophlet, USAO – 8.9rpg

5. Fode Camara, CMU – 8.6rpg

Top Passers

1. Markel Turner, Union – 4.9apg

2. Jadis White , MBU – 4.7apg

3. Tim Cameron, CMU – 4.6apg

4. AJ Rainey, LSUA – 4.5apg

5. Devin Merriweather, Stillman – 4.5apg


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