Welcome to our Final (Final) edition of our Bracketology Report. Red Banner Roundball and I talked and we decided, with the ARC Release being much different, that we wanted to release another Final Bracketology Report. RB Roundballl was a perfect 48 of 48 last year and his competitiveness and drive made him want try to remain perfect this year as well. With plenty of new information being released, plus a few rumors here and there, we thought it best to just go ahead and make sure we got as close to the actual product as we could with the information at hand. So without further ado, here is our Final Bracketology Report!


The Bracket

Bid Breakdown

Committee Appointment Process Area Ranking Committees (ARC) – Area Ranking Committees will consist of a representative from each conference in that local area as well as an at-large representative from the National Selection Committee. ARC’s will meet, via conference call, every other week beginning Monday, January 17. The out-of-area, at-large representative being involved in this part of the process allows for a better understanding of another area that isn’t their own and also adds more transparency. 

Crossroads League
Mid-South Conference
River States Conference
Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference
Appalachian Athletic Conference
Gulf Coast Athletic Conference
Southern States Athletic Conference
The Sun Conference
American Midwest Conference
Heart of America

Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference

American Independent Institutions
Red River Athletic Conference
Sooner Athletic Confer
California Pacific Conference
Great Plains Athletic Conference
North Star Athletic Conference
Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference
Cascade Collegiate Conference
Frontier Conference
Golden State Athletic Conference

POD Breakdown

Final At-Large Pool


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