Our 2nd edition of our Bracketology Report has a wide range of updates including a new #1 overall seed in William Penn. The overall seeding of the NAIA Tournament will come into play when the final 16 teams reach Kansas City. It is here where the teams who remain will be reseeded 1-16 and placed accordingly into the new bracket. As we saw last year, matchups matter, so it will be interesting to see how things shake out. We saw last year that the NAIA Selection committee did, for the most part, try and keep teams within a certain distance from home. We won’t know host sites until February 22nd, as final bids were just due on February 1st. Host sites will take a heavier toll on what the bracket shapes out like as well, as once we know where the regional sites are located it will be easier to slot teams. The NAIA has expressed that they aren’t concerned with keeping teams close to home and we have seen more of that this season in other NAIA Championships. This bracket, while meant to be fun, is more focused on the teams who do/don’t make it in, more than the actual matchups within the Pods themselves. Last year, in our last Bracektology Report, Red Banner went 48 of 48 on teams qualifying for the tournament!

For the actual NAIA Selection Committee Policy you can read more here:

2021 NAIA Men’s Basketball National Selection Committee Policy

For the 1st Edition of our NAIA Hoops Bracektology Report, you can view it here:

NAIA Men’s Bracketology Report – 1st Edition – NAIA Hoops Report


The Bracket

Tournament Bids

Top Overall Seed

William Penn (IA)

Last Team In

Central Methodist (MO)

First Team Out

Pikeville (KY)

Bubble Teams

Last Four In

First Four Out

Next Four Out

Field of 64 Breakdown

ARC Ratings

Committee Appointment Process Area Ranking Committees (ARC)  

Crossroads League
Mid-South Conference
River States Conference
Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference
Appalachian Athletic Conference
Gulf Coast Athletic Conference
Southern States Athletic Conference
The Sun Conference
American Midwest Conference
Heart of America

Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference

American Independent Institutions
Red River Athletic Conference
Sooner Athletic Confer
California Pacific Conference
Great Plains Athletic Conference
North Star Athletic Conference
Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference
Cascade Collegiate Conference
Frontier Conference
Golden State Athletic Conference

The Pods

Final Thoughts

There will be a lot more movement in and out of our Field of 64 over the next two weeks. However, most teams are down to just their final 5-6 games of the season, so it is getting down to the wire on teams trying to improve their resumes. We will start seeing our first round of auto-bids secured as early as this week, as we have several teams who are running away with their leagues and have a shot to capture league titles with a couple of wins this week. We will also see some of the “Bubble” teams who will be sweating out Conference Tournament Week, as upsets are sure to happen, and we will see teams come from nowhere, who are all of a sudden stealing automatic-bids and pushing teams out of the tournament. This is truly the best time of the year!

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