Todays Daily Dive will be a short and sweet one as there isn’t much to clean up from this past weekend. We still wanted to put out a Daily Dive this morning in order to highlight a few things.

First off, this weekend brought us our 1st new member of the 1k scorers club. Congratulations to Midland (Neb) men’s player, Bo Sandquest on reaching that career milestone in their win over Oak Hills Christian.

The Midland game this past Friday was the 1st college basketball game played at any level. With that:

  • Tyler Sandoval of Midland gets the honor for the 1st basket scored in college basketball for the 2021-22 season.
  • Midland gets the first college basketball win of the season, as they knocked off Oak Hills Christian 89-61.
  • The first NAIA player to hit a 3pt shot, behind the new adopted distance of 22ft 13/4 inches….Laurence Merritt of Midland (Neb.)

Later that night, Carroll (Mont.) also kicked off their season as they rolled to a 117-40 win over Yellowstone Christian.

  • All-American Jovan Sljivancanin had a monster double-double of 17pts/18rebs to go along with 4 steals and 3 assists.
  • Fellow All-American, Shamrock Campbell had a game high 27pts to go with 5 assists in the win.

On Sunday, Presentation and new head coach, Stan Holt, got their first win of the season as they knocked off previously mentioned Oak Hills Christian 93-82.

We did get another Preseason Coaches Poll released late on Friday. This time from the Heart of America.

We still have several other leagues who haven’t released preseason polls yet. We expect the rest to be out this week and will review as they are released!

Lastly, it was my pleasure to co-host Twitter Spaces last night to talk about NAIA basketball with William Payne (@TweetsbyCoachP) and Coach Chadwick Hixon (@CoachHixonDimes). We were joined in the discussion by NAIA Head Coaches, Coach Cabral Huff (Voorhees), Coach Patrick Crarey (St. Thomas (FL)), and Coach Kevin Easley (Life). The coaches, rightfully so, carried the conversation as we hosted several hundred people. I believe that Coach P is going to post it later for those of you that missed it. It was a GREAT time and worth a listen if you missed it!

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