2021 WHAC Tournament Bracket


February 25th

No. 8 Lawrence Tech ( 4-8/6-9) at No. 1 Rochester

No. 5 Lourdes (7-3/9-5) at No. 4 Madonna (6-1/8-2), 

No 6 Concordia (5-7/7-10) at No. 3 Cornerstone (9-3/12-5), 


No. 7 Aquinas (4-9/4-10) at No. 2 Indiana Tech (9-2/18-1), 


February 27th

#4 Madonna @ #1 Rochester 80-66


#6 Concordia @ #2 Indiana Tech 71-49 


March 1st

 No. 2 Indiana Tech (9-2/18-1),  @ No. 1 Rochester (10-1/11-2), 7pm ET Live Video

League Notes:

The top seed:  Rochester
NAIA Locks:  Rochester, Indiana Tech
NAIA Bubble Teams:   Cornerstone
Best chances to win this tournament:  Rochester, Indiana Tech
Possible sleeper:   Lourdes – Eliminated


Virgil Walker Jr – Rochester


Andre Johnson – Rochester


Grant Smith – Indiana Tech

Rog Stein – Indiana Tech


Josh Kline – Indiana Tech



#1 Rochester – A little bit of a surprise in the league as Rochester wins the regular season WHAC title. Virgil Walker and Andre Johnson lead the way for this impressive group.

#2 Indiana Tech – Tech has had a tough schedule and are battle tested this season. The trio of Grant Smith, Rog Stein and Josh Kline are talented and fun to watch.




#5 Lourdes – Dennis Hopson has had this team competing strong for the past two seasons. Clif Snow is one of the better players in the WHAC. They can definitely win it, but going to be a tough opening round matchup!

Quarterfinal Game Notes:

1st we want to take this time to apologize to the WHAC members as we had a semifinal preview that was assigned to post prior to the games but we just noticed that it had not posted. 

No. 2 Indiana Tech (9-2/18-1),  @ No. 1 Rochester (10-1/11-2), 7pm ET Live Video

Rochester 1-0

Rochester took the only game of the season between the two teams. Winning by 13pts at home. This is a talented Rochester team led by All-American Virgil Walker Jr. However, don’t count out this Indiana Tech team as they have played some good basketball this season and are battle tested. They won’t be intimated headed into this tough road game. They have the size to matchup up with Virgil Walker Jr, but stopping him is difficult. Should be a great game out in the WHAC tonight!



WHAC Tournament Page

WHAC has (2) auto-bids: Regular Season Champ: Rochester and Tournament champ or Indiana Tech if Rochester wins it.

Our Pick To Win It:  Cornerstone – Eliminated 



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