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NAIA Hoops Report Top 25 – Final Edition

NAIA Hoops Report Top 25 – Final Edition

By naiahoopsreport_admin February 21, 2021 0 Comments

With conference tournaments starting up this week; this will be our last poll of the year! It’s been a fun, challenging year that bas brought us some of the most unique scheduling seasons you will ever see. It was a chaotic season, but kudos to all of the coaches, administrators and players for finding ways to play and at times, playing on demand to get games in! As we enter tournament time we continue to wish everyone the best of health and hope we can now get through the National Tournament with minimal issues.

In our Top 25 Poll, we love the Top 3 teams in our poll as the favorites to win a National Title. Not saying they won’t get upset in the tourney at some point, or that there aren’t others who can win the National Title, but at this point we feel Indiana Wesleyan, William Penn and Shawnee State are the favorites to win it all.

The entire Top 10 in the NAIA right now is really good! It is going to be fun to watch the 48 teams that make the National Tournament battle it out. We all have our opinions on what leagues are the toughest ones, but ultimately it comes down to what leagues perform the best at the National Tournament. With the jump to one division, the National Tournament will be the ultimate tool to gauge what leagues may be underrated, or what leagues are truly the best in the NAIA! Thus, it will help to decipher if the Top 25 Polls have been valid this season. One of the toughest seasons ever to gauge how good teams are compared to others!

1 Indiana Wesleyan 28-1
2 William Penn 21-1
3 Shawnee State 23-2
4 Lewis-Clark State 15-1
5 Arizona Christian 22-2
6 Faulkner 22-2
7 SAGU 9-1
8 LSU-Shreveport 13-1
9 Talladega 23-2
10 Science & Arts 14-2
11 Marian 19-4
12 Providence 14-2
13 Morningside 20-4
14 Loyola 12-4
15 Stillman 14-2
16 Bethel (KS) 16-6
17 Texas A&M Texarkana 10-1
18 Oklahoma Wesleyan 17-5
19 Georgetown 15-6
20 Benedictine (KS) 17-5
21 Northwestern (IA) 20-5
22 LSU-Alexandria 16-3
23 Central Baptist 16-5
24 Thomas More 14-8
25 Warner 17-5

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