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NAIA Hoops Report Top 25 – 5th Edition

NAIA Hoops Report Top 25 – 5th Edition

By naiahoopsreport_admin February 7, 2021 0 Comments

This is our second to last poll that will be released before the National Tournament. With most teams having just a few games left of the regular season the games have been more amplified then usual. We are starting to see the cream rise to the top in most leagues. While quarantines, injuries and other issues are affecting teams being a full strength still, the season carries on. Those teams who are deep are having great success.

Per usual, this was not an easy Top 25 to put together. The last two weeks have seen a lot of losses from the 8-30 group. While we always try to keep a teams full body of work in mind, it is still crazy to view teams who are 20 games into their season versus those who may just be 10 games into it. Right now, league games are so tough to win. Everyone is vying for position and seeding. It’s not just the top of the standings you have to watch, but the back end of some of these leagues. Every league is structured differently, but many don’t allow for every team in the conference to qualify for the Conference Tournament. The teams at the back end of some of these leagues are playing harder and with more urgency. It has caused more upsets over the past couple of weeks.

By no means do we think we are perfect with our rankings, but we do feel like we watch as much basketball as anyone. We have focused in on not just the top teams in the NAIA, but others as well, as we try to get the best sense of who are the best teams in the NAIA. With that here is our 5th Edition of the NAIA Hoops Report Top 25:

1 Indiana Wesleyan 26-1
2 LSU Shreveport 12-0
3 William Penn 17-1
4 Shawnee State 21-2
5 Lewis Clark State 12-1
6 Arizona Christian 18-2
7 Faulkner 17-2
8 Morningside 20-3
9 Providence  9-1
10 Talladega 20-2
11 Science and Arts 11-2
12 SAGU 7-1
13 Georgetown 14-4
14 Stillman 10-1
15 Loyola  11-3
16 Bethel (KS) 15-4
17 Marian  14-4
18 Bethel (Ind) 19-6
19 Jamestown 18-5
20 Thomas More 13-6
21 Oklahoma Wesleyan 16-5
22 William Jessup 7-2
23 Central Baptist  13-4
24 Benedictine (KS) 15-5
25 Texas A&M Texarkana  9-1

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