By Jeremy Wright


Freed-Hardeman Tiny Logo RV Freed-Hardeman2-07-11Won 1
Shawnee State Tiny Logo Shawnee State5-19-2Won 5
Martin Methodist  Tiny Logo 24 Martin Methodist4-18-10.5Won 3
Georgetown Tiny Logo 6 Georgetown3-16-11Won 4
Campbellsville Tiny Logo Campbellsville4-26-31Won 3
Cumberland (TN) Tiny Logo Cumberland (TN)3-24-31.5Lost 1
Cumberlands  (KY) Tiny Logo 11 Cumberlands (KY)3-39-32Won 1
Pikeville Tiny Logo Pikeville2-44-53Lost 1
Thomas More Tiny Logo Thomas More1-23-22.5Lost 2
Lindsey Wilson Tiny Logo Lindsey Wilson1-43-53.5Lost 3
Life Tiny Logo Life0-34-33.5Lost 3
Bethel Tiny Logo Bethel0-54-54.5Lost 1

(RV)Freed-Hardeman (Tenn) (7-1,2-0)- The Lions have not played an NAIA game since December 12th, and have not played a Mid-South Conference game since November 21st due to underlying 2020 effects that have carried over to 2021. The Lions remain one of the most intriguing stories so far this season, as their hot start to the season has caught some eyes around the nation. The Lions are scheduled to have a 3-game MSC road-trip this week as they are scheduled to take on Bethel (Tenn) on Monday, Pikeville (Ky) on Thursday, and (11) Cumberlands (Ky) on Saturday. The Lions hot start and hype needs more justification, as unfortunate turns of events have the team behind in games played, but I believe the team will continue their impressive play when they get back on the court.

Shawnee State (Ohio) (9-2,5-1)- Since dropping their MSC opener, the Bears have been on a roll, as they are currently riding a five-game winning streak. The Bears defense ranks 12th in the nation for opponent scoring, as the team allows 65 points per contest. Last week the team picked up big wins against (11) Cumberlands (Ky) and Pikeville (Ky). The Bears are riding outstanding defensive play by EJ Onu, who has 45 blocks in 11 games this season, which ranks 2nd in the NAIA. Onu also put together a 25-point, 14-rebound double-double performance in the win over (11) Cumberlands (Ky), while two-time MSC Player-of-the-Week James Jones had 28 in the win. Jones would score 26 in the win over Pikeville for a 27-point average for the week, and Onu’s 21-point and nine rebound performance put him at a 23-point and 11-rebound average  for the week. This week the team continues MSC play as they are scheduled to host Thomas More (Ky) on Monday, (6) Georgetown (Ky) on Thursday and Campbellsville (Ky) on Saturday.

(24) Martin Methodist (Tenn) (8-1,4-1)- The Redhawks are the most intriguing story to watch so far this season. After being predicted to finish last in the MSC, the team finds themselves ranked nationally and sitting atop the conference standings so far this season. Coming into the week, the team is riding a three-game winning streak with a win over in-state rival Bethel (Tenn). The team rode a 26-point performance by Darrin Jenkins and a 19-point, 11-assist performance by Adarian Hudson to victory in the win over Bethel. The team is scheduled to continue MSC play this week as they host Lindsey Wilson (Ky) on Thursday and Cumberland (Tenn) on Saturday.

(6) Georgetown (Ky) (6-1,3-1)- As projected, the Tigers remain one of the NAIA powers, and sit atop the MSC standings. Last week the team stretched the winning streak to three games with a win over Lindsey Wilson (Ky). Kyran Jones gave the team a big boost in the win over Lindsey Wilson with a 27-point,17-rebound performance. This week the team is scheduled to visit Campbellsive (Ky) on Monday, Shawnee State (Ohio) on Thursday and Thomas More (Ky) on Saturday.

Campbellsville (Ky) (6-3,4-2)- After starting MSC play 1-2, the Tigers have put together a three-game winning streak. The team picked up two big wins over the weekend at the expense of Cumberland (Tenn) and Lindsey Wilson (Ky).The team relied on a big performance from Taiveyhon Mason as he put together a 25-point, eight-assist performance against Cumberland and a 20-point performance by Brayden Sebastian against Lindsey Wilson to secure the victories. The Tigers are scheduled to host (6) Georgetown (Ky) on Monday and visit Thomas More (Ky) on Thursday and Shawnee State (Ohio) on Saturday.

Cumberland (Tenn) (4-3,3-2)-  The Phoenix went 0-1 last week, falling to Campbellsville (Ky). Tavon King’s 17-point performance wasn’t enough to get the win. The Phoenix are scheduled to take on Lindsey Wilson (Ky) at home on Monday and visit Life (Ga) on Thursday and (24) Martin Methodist (Tenn) on Saturday.

(11) Cumberlands (Ky) (9-3,3-3)- After a blazing hot start to the season, the Patriots’ position in the standings (though it’s still early) is surprising. Last week, the team fell to redhot Shawnee State (ohio) and responded with a win over Thomas More (Ky). Last week Tevin Olison picked up his second player-of-the-week honor, and this week he lived up to expectations as he put together a 34-point performance against Shawnee State and a 14-point performance vs Thomas More. This week, the team is scheduled to host Pikeville (Ky) on Monday, Bethel (Tenn) on Thursday and (RV) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn) on Saturday.

Pikeville (Ky) (4-5,2-4)- The Bears split their two-game MSC slate over the weekend with a win over Thomas More and a loss to Shawnee State. The team got strong play out of Malcolm Green who had 17 against Shawnee State, averaging 18 points per game last weekend. The team is scheduled to visit (11) Cumberlands (Ky) and host (RV) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn) and Bethel (Tenn) on Saturday.

Thomas More (Ky) (3-2,1-2)- After a long hiatus from MSC play, the Saints had a tough weekend, going 0-2 in their return to MSC play. The team fell to Pikeville (Ky) and (11) Cumberlands (Ky) over the weekend despite a 31-point performance and a 26-point performance by Reid Jolly. The team is back in MSC action this week as they are scheduled to visit Shawnee State (Ohio) on Monday and host Campbellsville (Ky) on Thursday and (6) Georgetown (Ky) on Saturday.

Lindsey Wilson (Ky) (3-5,1-4)- The Blue Raiders went 0-2 over the weekend, falling to (6) Georgetown (Ky) and Campbellsville (Ky). The team got strong performances from Payton Cundiff, as he posted a 21-point performance vs Georgetown, and Colen Gaynor had a 21-point performance against Campbellsville. This week the team is scheduled to visit Cumberland (Tenn) on Monday, (24) Martin Methodist (Tenn) on Thursday, and Life (Ga) on Saturday.

Life (Ga) (4-3,0-3)- The Runnin’ Eagles had a pair of games postponed last week, as the team is still searching for their first conference win after some close matchups. The team is scheduled to take on Cumberland (Tenn) on Thursday, and Lindsey Wilson on Saturday at home.

Bethel (Tenn) (4-5,0-5)- The Wildcats are still looking for their first MSC win since joining the conference. Last week, the team fell to (24) Martin Methodist (Tenn). This week the team is scheduled to visit (11) Cumberlands (Ky) on Thursday and Pikeville (Ky) on Saturday.

Power Rankings

1.Shawnee State

2.(24) Martin Methodist

3. (6) Georgetown 

4. (RV) Freed-Hardeman

5. Campbellsville

6. (11) Cumberlands

7. Cumberland

8. Pikeville

9.Thomas More

10. Lindsey Wilson


12. Bethel

Schedule (Predictions in Bold)

Monday, January 4th

(6) Georgetown @ Campbellsville

Pikeville @ (11) Cumberlands

Lindsey Wilson @ Cumberland

Thomas More @ Shawnee State

Thursday, January 7th

(6) Georgetown @ Shawnee State

Bethel @ (11) Cumberlands

(RV) Freed-Hardeman @ Pikeville

Cumberland @ Life

Campbellsville @ Thomas More

(24) Martin Methodist @ Lindsey Wilson

Saturday, January 9th

(6) Georgetown @ Thomas More

Bethel @ Pikeville

Lindsey Wilson @ Life

Campbellsville @ Shawnee State

Cumberland @ (24) Martin Methodist

(RV) Freed-Hardeman @ (11) Cumberlands


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