By Jeremy Wright


Freed-Hardeman (Tenn)- 2-0 last week to open conference play with wins over Lindsey Wilson (Ky) and Cumberland (Tenn). Idle this week.

(RV) Shawnee State (Ohio)- 2-0 last week with a win over Life (Ga) to open conference play and Great Lakes Christian. The Bears host Rio Grande (Ohio) on Wednesday.

(RV) Thomas More (Ky)- 1-0 last week with a win over Life (Ga) to open conference play. The Saints host Midway (Ky) on Tuesday.

Lindsey Wilson (Ky)- 1-1 last week with a loss to Freed Hardeman (Tenn) and a win over Bethel (Tenn). Idle this week.

(15) University of the Cumberlands (Ky)- Idle last week. Idle this week.

Martin Methodist (Tenn)- Idle last week. Idle this week.

(1)Georgetown (Ky)- Idle last week. Idle this week.

Pikeville (Ky)- Idle last week. The Bears take on Indiana University East on Saturday and Brescia (Ky) on Sunday in The Show NAIA Classic

Campbellsville (Ky)- Idle last week. Idle this week

Bethel (Tenn)- 0-1 this week with a loss to Lindsey Wilson (Ky) to open conference play. The Wildcats host Williams Baptist (Ark) on Tuesday.

Cumberland (Tenn)- 0-1 this week with a loss to Freed-Hardeman (Tenn) to open conference play. Idle this week.

Life (Ga)- 0-2 this week with losses to Shawnee State (Ohio) and Thomas More (Ky) to open conference play. They are still playing without some guys, including leading scorer, Isiah Hart. The Runnin’ Eagles host Brewton-Parker (Ga) on Saturday.

Wright’s Wonder Rankings

(1) Georgetown (Ky)- Unfortunately 2020 has dealt some tough cards. The Tigers have been on a hiatus for a while now, but still remain the team to beat in my eyes. The regning MSC champs have a big matchup on December 3rd against the new kids on the block in Freed-Hardeman (Tenn).

(15) University of the Cumberlands (Ky)- The Patriots have been one the most dominant teams in the country, and despite their recent hiatus, I expect the team to pick-up where te left off when they begin conference play.

(RV) Shawnee State (Ohio)- The Bears handled business to open MSC play this week by taking down Life (Ga). The Bears remain a team I have a close eye on as the season goes on.

Freed-Hardeman (Tenn)- The new kids on the block made their entrance to the MSC loud and clear with two standout wins to start their inaugural season in the conference. Sitting at 5-0 so far on the season, the team will have a chance to put the nation on notice with a key early season matchup with (1) Georgetown (Ky) on the road on December 3rd.

(RV) Thomas More- The Saints won a hard fought contest on Saturday against Life (Ga) to get to 1-0 in MSC play. Winning close games is key in this conference as every game will be a fight. The Saints look to be a championship contender so far in this conference.

Pikeville (Ky)- 2020 has been rough so far on the Bears, but once the team gets back into action, I expect them to be a championship contender. I’m looking forward to seeing how the Bears will look and respond coming out of a hiatus this weekend in The Show Classic.

Martin Methodist (Tenn)- Facing a hiatus, the Redhawks have shown that they came to compete in the MSC, and showed a lot of promise. I’m looking forward to seeing how the team looks when they open conference play.

Campbellsville (Ky)- Also facing a hiatus, the Tigers are perennial championship contenders in the MSC. The team remains a mystery and with conference play starting soon, I believe they have what it takes to compete.

Lindsey Wilson (Ky)- After a lopsided loss to Freed-Hardeman (Tenn), the Blue Raiders responded with a lopsided win over Bethel (Tenn). The team needs to increase their consistency if they want to be a contender in this conference.

Life (Ga)- After a tough weekend to start MSC play, the Runnin’ Eagles have a bit of time to regroup and try to get healthy before facing Brewton-Parker on Saturday.

Bethel (Tenn)- Coming out of a hiatus, i’m not sure how much to think of the Wildcats lopsided loss to Lindsey Wilson. However, with the circumstances of 2020, I think all teams should have all players ready with the mystery of the season and virus.

Cumberland (Tenn)- The Phoenix are still winless on the season after a tough loss to Freed-Hardeman (Tenn) on Saturday. The team needs to find a rhythm and get things going quickly or they could find themselves in a deep hole in the conference.

MSC Schedule

Tuesday, November 24th

Thomas More (in Ky) vs Midway (Ky) Bethel (Tenn) vs Williams Baptist (Ark)

Wednesday, November 25th

Shawnee State (Ohio) vs Rio Grande (Ohio)

Saturday, November 28th

Pikeville (Ky) vs IU East (The Show Classic) Life (Ga) vs Brewton-Parker (Ga)

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