Dear fans:

It has been just a few days since the annoucement of The Advantage TBT team, a squad comprised of all-NAIA alumni set to compete for the $2 million cash prize this summer.

Since the announcement, the staff of The Advantage has been overwhelmed and floored with the response from the NAIA nation, receiving several offers to help along with interested athletes. At this point, it has been very difficult to respond to everyone, prompting us to give you a Frequently Asked Questions piece as of Sunday, March 22. We hope this will help answer any questions and give some more insight about our goals as we continue to grow our team and fanbase!

Note: A lot of information can be found on our team profile on the TBT site at

Have you been accepted in the TBT tournament yet? No, we have not. Teams that do not have the word “accepted” next to their name on the TBT site are still fighting for a spot. We will not officially know until June 22 when they release the bracket.

How can fans help get The Advantage accepted? For all those who are excited about repping for small college hoops and the NAIA, the best thing you can do is sign up as a “supporter” on our team page. It takes a couple of minutes and is completely free. When decision day comes for the TBT to pick their teams, we hope that a big number of supporters will leave them no choice but to accept us.

Is your roster set and finalized? No, it is not. We have had over 50 athletes reach out to us and a handful of others recommended by coaches. As of March 22, we have four players confirmed of our nine spots. We are continuing to evaluate everyone fairly and equally. However, our coaches and support staff are finalized.

Where and when would The Advantage be playing? According to the site, TBT has us listed in the Wichita regional which is set to be played July 28 – August 2. This of course could change.

We will update this sheet with additional questions as they come in.

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