Every year we see a handful of NAIA players who transfer to NCAA D1 programs. We have actually seen quite a few in the past few seasons have great success as well. This past season, there were five or six guys who made all-conference lists. Headlined by Riley Minix at Moorehead State, who was the talk of the post-season by a lot of the bigger named talking heads in college basketball. This season is no different. We already have a large list of guys looking for other opportunities and challenges for next season.

It is a list that is headlined by the NAIA Player of the Year, Elijah Malone. The 6’10 Forward from Grace (IN) has had a tremendous career and was most recently just named the Bevo Francis Award winner as the best player in small college basketball. Elijah has risen up to and met every challenge that this level has thrown at him and now he has the opportunity, like Riley Minix and others in the past, to go on and make the NAIA proud at the D1 level!

With his size, skillset and talent the opportunities are a plenty as the big man has more than 30 offers on the table, some of which include:

Notre Dame, Indiana, Colorado, Northwestern, Liberty, Depaul, Wisconsin, Clemson, Loyola Marymount, Illinois-Chicago, Sam Houston, Utah State, Boise State, San Francisco, West Virginia, Penn State and San Diego.

There are more offers and interest out there as well, but for now Elijah Malone has scheduled his first three visits to Notre Dame, Indiana and Colorado! He is in talks to possibly schedule some others, but for now that is what is set.

We are so happy for Elijah! He has and will continue, to represent and make the NAIA proud. I, for one, love that these guys are getting opportunities to play on the largest stage! When you see the type of success that NAIA players, over the past three seasons, have had at the NCAA D1 level, it helps to show what type of talent there actually is at the NAIA level. While there were others before him, I believe that Riley Minix really helped to change some of the narrative about the the talent at the NAIA level. Elijah Malone will do the same next season! And no matter what school Elijah ends up signing with, they are not just getting a superstar talent, but also a superstar person as well! Excited to see where Elijah ends up, but I know that no matter where it is, that program will also have several more fans for next season as well!

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