Top 25 Coaches Poll

11College of Idaho [20]1-0
22Grace (Ind.)4-0
33Arizona Christian2-0
44Langston (Okla.)1-0
55Georgetown (Ky.)3-0
66Montana Tech3-0
77Oklahoma Wesleyan4-0
810Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)2-0
98LSU Shreveport (La.)1-0
1018Wayland Baptist (Texas)3-0
119Indiana Wesleyan2-1
1217MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)1-0
1320Southwestern (Kan.)2-0
1411St. Thomas (Fla.)2-1
1525Olivet Nazarene (Ill.)2-0
1622Mobile (Ala.)3-1
1714Huntington (Ind.)2-1
1821Northwestern (Iowa)2-0
1913Morningside (Iowa)2-1
2015The Master’s (Calif.)1-1
2123Antelope Valley (Calif.)1-0
22RVXavier (La.)2-0
23RVDordt (Iowa)3-0
24RVLourdes (Ohio)2-0
25RVFlorida College4-1

Dropped: William Penn (Iowa), Indiana Tech, Union (Ky.), Kansas Wesleyan

Others Receiving Votes: WVU Tech (W.Va.) 72, Columbia (Mo.) 59, Faulkner (Ala.) 58, Rocky Mountain (Mont.) 55, Union (Ky.) 50, Briar Cliff (Iowa) 46, Oregon Tech 38, SAGU (Texas) 35, Southeastern (Fla.) 27, Cumberlands (Ky.) 19, Life (Ga.) 19, William Woods (Mo.) 19, Rochester (Mich.) 14, Tennessee Southern 14, OUAZ (Ariz.) 13, IU Kokomo (Ind.) 12, Pikeville (Ky.) 11, Roosevelt (Ill.) 10, IU South Bend (Ind.) 7, Central Methodist (Mo.) 5, Science and Arts (Okla.) 5, Bethel (Ind.) 3, Loyola (La.) 2, Rio Grande (Ohio) 2.


  • William Penn (IA), who had the NAIA’s second longest active Top 25 streak, is out of the polls for the first time since October. 27th 2015.
  • Four Teams make their first jump into the Top 25 this season: Xavier (LA), Dordt (IA), Lourdes (OH) and Florida College.
  • Biggest Jump: Olivet Nazarene (IL) Up 10 spots, from 25 to 15.
  • Biggest Drop: Union (KY), 12th to OUT.
  • Indiana Wesleyan continues with the longest active Top 25 streak: 115 polls. (Jan. 23rd, 2012).
  • Arizona Chrisitan takes over the 2nd active Top 25 streak spot with 27 straight polls.
  • For the 8th time in poll history, College of Idaho secures the No. 1 spot. The defending National Champions started out the season 1-0. They face off with rivals D2 Northwest Nazarene on Thursday of this week.

Top 25 Games before next poll (Nov. 29th)

Nov. 8th

No. 11 Indiana Wesleyan @ No. 15 Olivet Nazarene 6pm CT

No. 21 Antelope Valley @ No. 20 The Master’s (CA) 9pm CT

Nov. 10th

No. 12 MidAmerica Nazarene @ No. 7 Oklahoma Wesleyan 6:30pm CT – Coach Lubbers GOTW on the Road To Muni Podcast

Nov. 11th

No. 17 Huntington @ No. 15 Olivet Nazarene 4pm CT

Nov. 18th

No. 21 Antelope Valley @ No. 1 College of Idaho 8pm CT

Nov. 20th

No. 22 Xavier vs No. 8 Freed-Hardeman

Nov. 21st

No. 2 Grace @ No. 11 Indiana Wesleyan 6:30pm CT

No. 23 Dordt @ No. 19 Morningside 7:45pm CT


By Conference

AAC: RV Union, RV Pikeville

AMC: RV Columbia, RV William Woods

CALPAC: No. 21 Antelope Valley

CCC: No. 1 College of Idaho, RV Oregon Tech

CCAC: No. 15 Olivet Nazarene, RV IU South Bend, RV Roosevelt

CAC: No. 25 Florida College

CROSSROADS: No. 2 Grace, No. 11 Indiana Wesleyan, No. 17 Huntington, RV Bethel (IN)

FRONTIER: No. 6 Montana Tech, RV Rocky Mountain

GSAC: No. 3 Arizona Christian, No. 20 The Master’s, RV OUAZ

GPAC: No. 18 Northwestern (IA), No. 19 Morningside, No. 23 Dordt, RV Briar Cliff


HEART: No. 12 MidAmerica Nazarene, RV Central Methodist

KCAC: No. 7 Oklahoma Wesleyan, No. 13 Southwestern (KS)

MSC: No. 5 Georgetown (KY), No. 8 Freed-Hardeman, RV Cumberlands


RRAC: No. 9 LSU Shreveport, No. 22 Xavier (LA)

RSC: RV WVU Tech, RV IU Kokomo, RV Rio Grande

SAC: No. 4 Langston, No. 10 Wayland Baptist, RV Science and Arts (OK)

SSAC: No. 16 Mobile, RV Faulkner, RV Life, RV UT Southern, RV Loyola

SUN: No. 14 St Thomas, RV Southeastern (FL)

WHAC: No. 24 Lourdes, RV Rochester

By State (Top 25 Only)

Iowa: 3

Indiana: 3

California: 2

Florida: 2

Kansas: 2

Oklahoma: 2

Louisiana: 2

Alabama: 1

Arizona: 1

Idaho: 1

Illinois: 1

Kentucky: 1

Montana: 1

Ohio: 1

Tennessee: 1

Texas: 1

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