First and foremost, thank you all for your patience as we worked thru some issues. A lot of work goes into this magazine. We aren’t perfect, nor can we see the future! Like all of our material, this is just a fun way to get the season started. It should be used as a guide and only that. We will miss on teams. We will miss on players. We probably even missed on some players, but we go off the information we have. Unfortunately, not everyone has a roster up at this point. We did get roughly 190 questionnaires back, so thank you to all the coaches who filled them out and got them back to us! We are so pumped for the season to be here. There is so much information in this magazine and I know not everyone will read it cover to back. I do want to point out, that if you read any article, please read our Heart of a Champion: The Return of Jace Lance. We can’t emphasize enough how awesome it is to not just have Jace alive, but also cleared to play again!! While we are just a couple weeks out from our first day of games (October 26th) we will be having a lot more articles out soon as well as we ramp up our coverage! Again, we are so excited to cover the NAIA again this season and we hope you enjoy the magazine! It is free will donation to read. We put $4.00, but we want everyone to have access to it, so no obligation to pay if you can’t or don’t want to! Having the thousands and thousands of people read about NAIA basketball is so awesome and we are blessed that you guys allow us to cover this level of play!

NAIA Preseason Magazine

2023-24 Preseason Magazine – FREE to read, but tips/donations are welcomed!



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