Our Bracketology Report is something we normally breakout in January, but our friend Red Banner Roundball finds himself with a little more free time this season, so we will be trying to update our Bracketology Report every updated rankings. For now, this is going to be in it’s SIMPLIST form. It is meant for a baseline, it is meant for fun, and there will most definitely be a ton of changes as the season goes along and teams play themselves both into and out of the field. We probably won’t do much, of any breakdowns and bubble watch talk, until January. This report has nothing based off of games played thus far, it is simply off off the NAIA Top 25 mixed in with how the auto-bid system works. We can’t emphasize enough that this is strictly for FUN! However, it’s never too early to at least get the conversation started and to have a little fun with our first Bracketology Report of the season!

The Bracket

The Field

Pod Breakdown

As we said, there will be more in-depth breakdowns as the season goes along, but we wanted to at least share the early season Bracketology Report! It’s a different way to look at the teams, leagues and helps to emphasize some of the games each day! As we run our updated reports it will help to highlight what direction teams are trending and will help to illustrate how the NAIA Championship field is put together. Red Banner Roundball has been nearly perfect, the past two seasons, on predicting the entire field in our final report of the season, so we are excited to once again partner with him in trying to bring the best and most in-depth NAIA coverage there is!

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