2021 SSAC Tournament Bracket


February 25th

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 10:45 am | No. 6 William Carey vs. No. 3 Loyola

 2:15 pm | No. 7 Brewton-Parker vs. No. 2 Stillman

 6:15 pm | No. 8 Blue Mountain vs. No. 1 Faulkner

9:45 pm | No. 4 Middle Georgia vs. No. 5 Mobile


February 26th


No. 3 Loyola v No. 2 Stillman 63-62

No. 1 Faulkner v No. 5 Mobile 73-56


February 27th 

Stillman vs Faulkner | 7:30 pm ET

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League Notes:

The top seed:  #7 Faulkner 
NAIA Locks:  Faulkner, Stillman, Loyola
NAIA Bubble Teams:   None
Best chances to win this tournament:  Faulkner, Stillman
Possible sleeper:  William Carey – ELIMINATED


Trey Petty – Stillman: 20.6ppg, 4.3rpg

– 12pts, 5rebs in Quarterfinal win.

– 4pts in Semi’s


CJ Williamson – Faulkner: 18.75ppg, 7.1rpg, 2.6apg

– 15pts, 9rebs, 4assts in Quarterfinal win.


18pts, 11rebs in Semifinal win.



#1 Faulkner – This Faulkner duo of Williamson and Jordan Hamlette has been quite the show to watch these past few weeks of the season. Hamlette has been a great complimentary piece to the All-American CJ Williamson.

#2 Stillman – Stillman is 2-0 in the SSAC Tourney, despite Trey Petty not having a good tourney. IF he bounces back today, they can win the SSAC Tournament Title.

#3 Loyola – Eliminated



#6 William Carey  – ELIMINATED by Loyola in Quarterfinals.

Quarterfinal Game Notes

Stillman vs Faulkner | 6:30 pm ET Watch Live $$$

The two SSAC Division Winners now get to matchup for the 1st time this season. They have been the two best teams in the SSAC and get to face off in a much anticipated matchup. CJ Williamson and Jordan Hamlette have been great for Faulkner this year. Trey Petty and company will try to lead Stillman to the SSAC Tournament Title. As much as it sucks you have to pay for games to watch them, this one will be worth the money!


SSAC Tournament Page

The SSAC is a (2) bid league. They switched the auto-bids around because of going two divisions with Covid. 

Our Pick To Win It:  Loyola – Eliminated


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