2021 NorthStar Tournament Bracket


February 23rd

#8 Presentation @ #1 Mayville State 7:30pm CT Live Video

#5 Dakota State @ #4 Viterbo 7:30pm CT Live Video

#7 Waldorf @ #2 Bellevue 7:30pm CT Live Video

#6 Dickenson State @ #3 Valley City State 7:30pm CT Live Video


February 25th

#5 Dakota State @ #1 Mayville State 7pm CT Live Video

#3 Valley City State @ #2 Bellevue 7:30pm CT Live Video


February 27th 

League Notes:

The top seed:  Mayville State
NAIA Locks:  None
NAIA Bubble Teams:   None
Best chances to win this tournament:  Mayville State, Bellevue, Valley City State
Possible sleeper:   Dakota State


Keiron Goodwin 6’4 – Mayville State: 14.6ppg, 4.3rpg


Jameil King 6’5 – Bellevue: 14.1ppg, 3.2rpg, 3.2apg


Kevin Shramm 6’6 – Valley City State 11.5ppg, 6.4rpg



#1 Mayville State – Latrelle Franklin and Keiron Goodwin lead the way for this tough Mayville State squad. They have been tough at home this season and that gives them a huge edge over the field.

#2 Bellevue – Probably the most talented team in the NSAA, but have struggled to stay consistent at times. They are VERY capable of winning the tournament behind the likes of Jameil King and Lewis Hayes.

#3 Valley City State – Started off the season red hot going 9-1 to start the year. Ended the year winning 8 of their last 10 games. This is definitely a team to watch from the 3-seed!



#4 Viterbo – lost to Dakota State in the opening round.

Opening Round Notes:

#5 Dakota State @ #1 Mayville State 7pm CT Live Video

Season series tied 1-1

This Mayville State team comes into this game red hot, winning five straight games. Dakota State had to travel to Viterbo two days ago, guessing they didn’t go back home. That is still over 10 hours of driving to play two different games. It will be interesting to see if that has any affect on them.

#3 Valley City State @ #2 Bellevue 7:30pm CT Live Video

Bellevue 2-0

One team that VCSU struggled with this season was this Bellevue team who seems to have had no problems beating the VCSU press. VCSU hasn’t played in a conference or district championship since the 1986-87 season. Jameil King and his Bellevue teammates will look to extend that VCSU streak tonight.


NSAA Tournament Page

The NSAA will be a (1) bid league. The winner of the NSAA Tournament will punch their ticket and represent the NorthStar.

Best semifinal game: #3 VCSU @ #2 Bellevue.

Our Pick To Win It:  Valley City State – As good and consistent as Mayville State has been, this conference tournament could quite a few upsets. With that in mind, we will roll with a Valley City State team that has played it’s best basketball against really good teams this season!



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