2021 GSAC Tournament Bracket


February 24th

#5 Edaward Waters @ #4 Rust 6pm CT Live Video

#7Tougaloo @ #2 Xavier 7:30pm CT Live Video

#6 Philander Smith beats #3 Dillard due to Dillard Forfeit



February 25th (Jacksonville, Fl)

#5/#4 vs #1 Talladega

#7/#2 vs #6 Philander Smith


February 27th (Jacksonville, Fl)

League Notes:

The top seed:  #11 Talladega
NAIA Locks:  Talladega 
NAIA Bubble Teams:   Xavier
Best chances to win this tournament:  Talladega, Xavuer

Possible sleeper:   Philander Smith


Rayshawn Mart – Xavier: 22.5ppg, 6.8rpg, 3.21spg

Still one of the best in players in the NAIA. Plays both sides of the ball and really competes. Not sure there is anyone who means more to his team than what Mart does for Xavier!


Darryl Baker – Talladega: 16.2ppg, 4.5rpg, 3.1apg

Preseason GCAC Player of the Year and lived up to it. Will be interesting to see how the league votes. The All-American is tough and if Talladega is going to make a National Tournament run, you can believe that Baker will have a huge impact on that!


Dejalin Austin – Philander Smith: 15.4ppg, 4.5rpg, 3.2apg

Austin has been really good for Philander Smith. We won’t see him in the opening round now, but he’s one to watch in that Semifinal game! Smooth guard who can fill it up!



#1 Talladega – They dominated the GCAC Group Play this season. One of the top teams in the country. They have looked locked in defensively. 

#2 Xavier – Still need some help to make the NAIA National Tournament. Dillard out may help them, but need to at least make the GCAC Finals to keep bubble hopes alive.



#6 Philander Smith – They get a bye with the Dillard forfeit. With just 2 wins a way from a GCAC Tourney Title, we will take a shot on Dejalin Austin and crew.

Quarterfinal Game Notes:

#5 Edaward Waters @ #4 Rust 6pm CT Live Video

Rust 1-0. Beat EWC by 7 in the 1st group stage.

Rust comes in after a decent battle with #15 Stillman, while EWC comes in on a 2 game win streak. This should be a fun battle as both are pretty equally matched.

#7Tougaloo @ #2 Xavier 7:30pm CT Live Video

Tougaloo 2-1.

Tougaloo has had XULA’s number this year. XULA hasn’t played since they last faced Tougaloo on the 10th. It will be interesting to see if Tougaloo can go into XULA and get another win or not. One thing is for sure, they will compete and play hard. XULA is fighting on the bubble for an at-large spot. A loss and they are probably out.


GCAC Tournament Guide

The GCAC is a (1) bid league: The GCAC Tournament Champion will get the auto-bid

Best Opening Round Matchup: #7 Tougaloo @ #2 XULA

Our Pick To Win It:  Xavier – Talladega has looked really tough this season and win or lose they qualify for the National Tournament. XULA won the GCAC Tournament last year on their home court. If they are going to knock off Talladega, they are going to need to be locked in and ready to go!



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