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Mid-South Weekly Review

Mid-South Weekly Review

By naiahoopsreport_admin February 1, 2021 0 Comments

By Jeremy Wright

2020-21 Mid-South Standings

(6) Shawnee State (Ohio)(19-2,14-1)- The Bears are the hottest team in the nation, and the team received a top seed in the NHR initial bracketology projection release. Last week, the Bears stretched their winning streak to 15 games with wins over Grace Christian University, Martin Methodist (Tenn) and Life (Ga). This week, the team is scheduled to take on Pikeville (Ky) on Thursday at home, and (RV) Cumberlands (Ky) on Saturday on the road.

(17) Georgetown (Ky)(12-3,9-3)- The Tigers are red-hot right now as the team stretched their winning streak to five games last week with wins over (RV) Cumberlands (Ky) and Pikeville (Ky) at home. This week, the team is scheduled to host  Freed-Hardeman (Tenn) on Monday, visit Cumberland (Tenn) on Thursday and Lindsey Wilson (Ky) on Saturday.

(20) Thomas More (Ky)(12-4,10-4)- The Saints got their due respect in the latest NAIA Top-25 rankings, jumping to #20 in the national poll. The team also stretched their winning streak five games, with wins last week against Life (Ga) and Martin Methodist (Tenn) on the road. This week, the team is scheduled to visit Cumberland (Tenn) on Monday, host (RV) Cumberlands (Ky) on Thursday, and visit Pikeville (Ky) on Saturday.

Freed-Hardeman (Tenn)(11-6,6-5)- The Lions took a stumble in the latest Top-25 poll, going from receiving votes to not ranked. The team split their two game slate last week with a loss to Martin Methodist (Tenn) and a win over Cumberland (Tenn). The team is scheduled to visit (17) Georgetown (Ky) on Monday, Life (Ga) on Thursday and Martin Methodist (Tenn) on Saturday.

(RV) Cumberlands (Ky)(14-7,8-7)- The Patriots remain receiving votes in the latest Top-25 poll. The team lost both contests on their two-game slate last week, falling to (17) Georgetown and Campbellsville (Ky) on the road. The team is scheduled to visit (20) Thomas More and host (6) Shawnee State on Saturday.

Martin Methodist (Tenn)(11-7,7-7)- The Redhawks 1-2 in their three-game slate last week. The Redhawks defeated Freed-Hardeman on Monday, fell to (6) Shawnee State on Thursday, and (20) Thomas More on Saturday. This week the team is scheduled to visit Life (Ga) on Monday, Bethel (Tenn) on Thursday, and host Freed-Hardeman on Saturday.

Pikeville (Ky)(9-9,7-8)- The Bears split their two-game slate last week, beating Campbellsville (Ky), and falling to (17) Georgetown. The team is scheduled to visit (6) Shawnee State on Thursday and host (20) Thomas More on Saturday.

Cumberland (Tenn)(6-9,5-8)- The Phoenix went 0-2 last week falling to Life (Ga) and Freed-Hardeman on the road. The team is scheduled to host (20) Thomas More on Monday, (17) Georgetown on Thursday and Campbellsville (Ky) on Saturday.

Campbellsville (Ky)(7-11,5-10)- The Tigers snapped their eight-game losing streak with a win over (RV) Cumberlands on Saturday. The win would split the Tigers two-game slate last week, as the team fell to Pikeville on Thursday. The team is scheduled to host Lindsey Wilson (Ky) on Thursday and visit Cumberland on Saturday.

Life (Ga)(7-7,3-7)- The Runnin’ Eagles went 1-2 last week, defeating Cumberland on Monday, and falling to (20) Thomas More on Thursday and (6) Shawnee State on Saturday. The team is scheduled to host Martin Methodist on Monday, Freed-Hardeman on Thursday and Bethel (Tenn) on Saturday.

Bethel (Tenn)(9-10,3-10)– The Wildcats defeated Oakland City University, and fell to Lindsey Wilson (Ky) to split their two-game slate last week. The team is scheduled to host Martin Methodist on Thursday and visit Life on Saturday.

Lindsey Wilson (Ky)(5-11,3-10)- The Blue Raiders won their lone contest of the week against Bethel. The team is scheduled to visit Campbellsville on Thursday and host (17) Georgetown on Saturday.


Monday, February 1st

Freed-Hardeman @ (17) Georgetown

Martin Methodist @ Life

(20) Thomas More @ Cumberland

Thursday, February 4th

(RV) Cumberlands @ (20) Thomas More

Lindsey Wilson @ Campbellsville

Pikeville @ (6) Shawnee State

Martin Methodist @ Bethel

Freed-Hardeman @ Life

(17) Georgetown @ Cumberland 

Saturday, February 6th

Bethel @ Life

(6) Shawnee State @ (RV) Cumberlands

(20) Thomas More @ Pikeville

Campbellsville @ Cumberland

(17) Georgetown @ Lindsey Wilson

Freed-Hardeman @ Martin Methodist

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