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NAIA Hoops Report Top 25

NAIA Hoops Report Top 25

By naiahoopsreport_admin November 29, 2020 0 Comments

NAIA Hoops Report Top 25 - Poll #1

Honestly one of the hardest polls we have ever had to put together. Between the combining of divisions, but also trying to compare teams who are 8-0, 2-1 and 0-0 is pretty difficult in it’s own rights. The main thing to remember with these polls, especially the first one is that teams will both play themselves in and out of the Polls over the course of the season. There is a big group of teams between 20 and 35 right now that all have arguments to be rated, but for now we have settled onto these Top 25. Just like last year, we will put out all of our Polls the Sunday before the official NAIA poll is released. The official NAIA poll was supposed to be out again on Wednesday, however it once again was pushed back to December 16th. This means that our next poll will remain scheduled for December 13th as planned. As always we won’t claim to be perfect, this is just how we see things as they stand currently. We are just glad that we currently have a season and wish everyone good health and safe travels as you continue your journey’s towards Kansas City! 

1 Georgetown (Ky.)  2-0
2 Indiana Wesleyan 9-0
3 William Penn (Iowa) 6-0
4 Mid-America Christian (Okla.) 4-0
5 Lewis-Clark State (Idaho) 0-0
6 LSU Shreveport (La.) 8-0
7 Arizona Christian 5-0
8 Loyola (La.) 4-0
9 College of Idaho 1-0
10 John Brown (Ark.) 0-0
11 SAGU (Texas) 1-0
12 Providence (Mont.) 0-0
13 Ottawa (Kan.) 2-0
14 Cumberlands (Ky.) 5-0
15 Marian (Ind.) 3-1
16 Xavier (La.) 2-1
17 Morningside (Iowa) 6-1
18 The Master’s (Calif.) 1-0
19 Faulkner 6-0
20 Olivet Nazarene (Ill.) 0-1
21 Saint Francis (IN) 5-0
22 Oregon Tech 0-0
23 Concordia (NE) 6-0
24 Talladega 7-1
25 Dalton State (Ga.) 0-1
26 LSU Alexandria (La.) 5-2

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