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NAIA DI Conference Tournament Watch – Final Week of Regular Season

NAIA DI Conference Tournament Watch – Final Week of Regular Season

By naiahoopsreport_admin February 26, 2020 0 Comments

Our last rendition of our NAIA DI Conference Tournament Watch, as we will have official brackets being released Saturday Night and into Sunday Morning.

8 Teams Qualify for AMC Tournament

  • The American Midwest Conference has had a fun last few weeks. While 7 of the 8 teams have already clinched a spot in the tournament, the Top 5 teams in the AMC are currently separated by just 1.5 games. Park has climbed their way into 1st place, and sits just a half game up on both Central Baptist and Freed-Hardeman. Park has just 1 game remaining while Central and Freed both have 2 games left. There is also an interesting battle between Missouri Baptist, and William Woods, as the two battle for the 8th and final spot in the AMC Tournament. William Woods already completed their regular season, so now they will have to sit at home and hope Hannibal-LaGrange can pull off the upset over Missouri Baptist in order to force a tie breaker for the last playoff spot.
  • Current Matchups:
    • 1. Park (15-6) vs. 8. Missouri Baptist (14-13)
    • 2. Central Baptist (14-6) vs. 7. Williams Baptist (12-12)
    • 3. Freed Hardeman (14-6) vs. 6. Lyon (12-8)
    • 4. Harris-Stowe (13-7) vs. 5. Columbia (13-7)

7 Teams Qualify for Frontier Tournament

  • We mentioned last week that the way the Frontier Conference is set up, that teams are on their 3rd round of playing each other, and that usually spells chaos! We were right, as Lewis-Clark St. dropped a pair of games, and Montana Tech continues to get up for big games, as they got two wins this past week against Carroll and Lewis-Clark. Providence and Carroll now have a big matchup on Thursday as the winner will be sitting in great shape to get the 2nd seed in the Frontier Conference Tournament.
  • Current Matchups:
    • 1. Lewis-Clark St. (13-3) BYE
    • 2. Carroll (11-5) vs. 7. Rocky Mountain (1-15)
    • 3. Providence (11-5) vs. 6. Montana Western (4-12)
    • 4. MSU-Northern (8-8) vs. 5. Montana Tech (8-8)

6 Teams Qualify for GSAC Tournament

  • The Master’s once again defeated Westmont this past week. Westmont has 2 GSAC losses now, and both are to The Master’s. Menlo has won 12 of their last 13 games, and will head to Arizona for big matchups against Ottawa and Arizona Christian. If they can sweep the weekend they will get the 2 seed and a 1st round bye in the GSAC Tournament.
  • Current Matchups:
    • 1. Westmont (14-2) BYE
    • 2. Menlo (12-4) BYE
    • 3. Arizona Christian (11-5) vs. 6. Hope International (7-9)
    • 4. The Master’s (11-5) vs. 5. William Jessup (10-6)

8 Teams Qualify for the GCAC Tournament

  • Both Tougaloo and Xavier lost on Monday. Xavier still has to go to Dillard on Saturday, but the matchup next Monday against Tougaloo should be for the GCAC Title and the overall #1 seed in the GCAC Tournament. Talladega is the team that knocked off Tougaloo on Monday, and they needed the win as they had limped into the game a bit. They will be a team to watch in the GCAC Tournament, but have to finish regular season strong to help with their GCAC seeding.
  • Current Matchups:
    • 1. Tougaloo (10-1) vs. 8. Rust (0-10)
    • 2. Xavier (9-1) vs. 7. SUNO (2-10)
    • 3. Talladega (7-4) vs. 6. Philander Smith (3-7)
    • 4. Dillard (6-5) vs. 5. Edward Waters (6-5)

8 Teams Qualify for The Heart Tournament

  • William Penn locked up the Heart Championship last night, giving them the 1 seed in the tournament. They are also the first NAIA DI program to punch their ticket to Kansas City for the NAIA DI National Tournament. Clarke can lock up the 2 seed with a win tonight. The rest of the league seeding should have a better outlook after tonight’s action.
  • Current Matchups:
    • 1. William Penn (16-3) vs. 8. Evangel (11-11)
    • 2. Clarke (16-6) vs. 7. Baker (12-10)
    • 3. Benedictine (14-8) vs. 6. Missouri Valley (12-10)
    • 4. Peru St. (14-8) vs. 5. MidAmerica Nazarene (13-9)

9 Teams Qualify for the Mid-South Tournament

  • Georgetown lost again this past week, but can still lock up the 1 seed on Thursday with a win over Cumberland (TN). Cumberlands can also lock up the 2 seed if they can win 1 of their last 2 home games. The Mid-South started off red hot to start the year, but the middle of the pack has beaten on one another all year. Should be a fun last few days to see where the seeds end up!
  • Current Matchups:
    • 1. Georgetown (12-2) vs. 8/9 Winner.
    • 2. Cumberlands (KY) (11-3) vs. 7. Lindsey Wilson (6-9)
    • 3. Thomas More (9-5) vs. 6. Pikeville(6-9)
    • 4. Shawnee St. (8-7) vs. 5. Campbellsville (7-8)
    • 8. Cumberland (TN) (4-10) vs. 9. Life (2-12)

6 Teams Qualify for Red River Conference Tournament

  • This has been a two team race for awhile now. LSU-Shreveport just came off of a dominating performance over LSU-Alexandria. However, their misstep against Huston-Tillotson from earlier in the year is what may end up costing them the RRAC Regular Season Title. The SAC has been one of the best leagues in NAIA this season, and the SAC Tournament will be a fun one!
  • Current Matchups:
    • 1. LSU-Alexandria (15-1) BYE
    • 2. LSU-Shreveport (14-2) BYE
    • 3. Southwest (11-5) vs. 6. Texarkana (5-11)
    • 4. Wiley (8-8) vs. 5. Huston-Tillotson (8-9)

8 Teams Qualify for SAC Tournament

  • Last nights win by Texas Wesleyan propelled them to the 3 seed ahead of SAGU. With 2 games to go, MACU sits in 1st place in the SAC. The new #1 team in the land can lock up the 1 seed on Thursday with a win.
  • Current Matchups:
    • 1. Mid-America Christian (17-1) vs. 8. Southwestern Christian (6-12)
    • 2. John Brown (16-2) vs. 7. Oklahoma City (6-12)
    • 3.Texas Wesleyan (13-6) vs. 6. Science and Arts (OK) (8-10)
    • 4. SAGU (13-6) vs. 5. Wayland Baptist (10-8)

10 Teams Qualify for SSAC Tournament

  • One of the toughest leagues to figure out with tie breakers right now. 4 teams tied for 5th place, and 3 teams tied for the final 2 spots. It is going to be an interesting last 4 days in the SSAC. Faukkner hosts Dalton State on Thursday for the SSAC Title. While Saturday’s matchup between Mobile and Florida College, should be for the final spot in the SSAC Tournament.
  • Current Matchups:
    • 1. Faulkner (15-1) vs. 8/9 winner
    • 2. Dalton St. (14-2) vs. 7.10 winner
    • 3. Loyola (10-6) vs. 6. Bethel (TN) (8-8)
    • 4. Stillman (9-7) vs. 5. Wiliam Carey (8-8)
    • 7. Martin Methodist (8-8) vs. 10. Mobile (5-11)
    • 8. Middle Georgia St. (8-8) vs. 9. Blue Mountain (5-11)

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