By Tad Dorsey

Earlier this week the first official NAIA Division II Top 25 was released, and with that the first in season #NAIADIIMBB Bracket was posted on my Twitter, @TadDorsey1. Some notes of how I put the bracket together. The most important point to be expressed is that this is a snapshot of where we are now, not a projection for going forward. This is based on the Top 25 Poll, not any personal opinion. We are just getting into conference play for most leagues, so things will shift drastically as the season gets going.

The auto bids were determined by assuming that they are all the same as last season. The at large bids were determined using the Top 25 Poll. The seeding for all the teams is based off of the Top 25 Poll. I did move some teams around on the overall seed line to avoid conference matchups in the first two rounds, but that did not cause anyone to change seeds this time.

If there are any questions, I would be happy to clarify anything bracket related so feel free to message me on Twitter. @TadDorsey1