The NAIA Morning Bullet Points is a feature that will do a quick dive into the world of NAIA basketball.

  • We start off our morning with a BIG congratulations to the Washington Adventist Men’s Basketball team, Coach Crarey, and the rest of the staff on getting the win last night against NCAA D1 Howard U. It was an exciting game, and WAU looked like they BELONGED on the floor last night. Impressive performance and glad they represent the NAIA!
  • These types of wins are always great for NAIA, and Coach Crarey has done a great job at WAU. They play hard, and together, and I would encourage everyone to check them out this year when you can.
  • I wasn’t going to give this any more attention, because I feel like for the most part that I am preaching to the choir. However, NAIA Hoops Report was started as a way to shine a positive light on NAIA basketball, and not to attack programs, or people. We will always be that way, so I needed to take some time to address this:
  • I apologize if my comment came off in an attacking manner. It wasn’t meant to be an attack on Pat Forde, it was merely a response to his ignorant “something called Washington Adventist.” comment. I am sure zero thought went into his tweet. He posted it because he knew his followers would laugh, and he’d get some more likes out of it. What he didn’t think about though is that those “something called Washington Adventist” people are actually coaches, players, teachers, and administrators that work WAY to hard for someone to demean them just for some likes. I fully get that Pat Forde will never care about smaller levels of basketball. He makes his money talking about players and teams that people have heard about. If he would have actually watched the game that he cared so much to comment about, he would have seen that the talent on the floor was actually even, and that maybe, just maybe NAIA basketball isn’t such a bad level after-all.
  • Speaking of NAIA not being such a bad level.. NAIA DII #11 Olivet-Nazarene went toe to toe with Illinois-Chicago last night.
  • Evergreen State also battled with NCAA D1 Idaho
  • Congrats to Coach Ronai on his 100th win at Mount Vernon Nazarene!
  • ICYMI: We posted an article from Harry Cummins yesterday. He will have his articles posted from time to time, and we are glad to have him on board. Harry is a former magazine editor, free-lance writer, and ‘stringer’ for the international news service (UPI). He has profiled many athletes from far-ranging sports like boxing ( World Champion Archie Moore).. to figure skating (Olympic Gold Medalist John Curry).. to former NY Knick and Presidential Candidate Bill Bradley. Harry’s recent  profile of Zach Richardson of tiny Multnomah University in Portland, Oregon, is reflective of  his interest in stories buried behind the box scores. craw’s corner: THE SON ALSO RISES . He also keeps a close eye on the Cascade Collegiate Conference out West. 

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