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NAIA Morning Bullet Points:

NAIA Morning Bullet Points:

By naiahoopsreport_admin November 5, 2019 0 Comments

The NAIA Morning Bullet Points is a feature that will do a quick dive into the world of NAIA basketball.

  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL STARTS TODAY!!!! I get it, I really do. I love NCAA basketball as well. However, it’s part of the mindset that paves the way for coaches/players/parents to think only about “higher” levels of play. It is also the same mindset that made us want to start NAIA Hoops Report, and it is with that same mindset that will keep us pushing forward!
  • For NAIA, basketball has been going on for weeks now. As a matter of fact the Appalachian Athletic Conference already has teams playing conference games, as Allen (SC) went on the road to knock off Tennessee Wesleyan 78-67. Allen moves to 2-0 in AAC play, while Tennessee Wesleyan is now 0-1. There are more games conference games later this week, so be on the look out for an article later today!
  • I mentioned up above that we are motivated to keep moving forward. Well it is above our wildest imagination how popular NAIA Hoops Report has become. With that becomes stronger demand, and we will always do our best to give out as much information as we can, and to cover every league in NAIA. Fortunately, we have added some people to the team, who share our passion, and want to help. Yesterday, we introduced you to Jake Pommerer. Today we are lucky enough to add Tad Dorsey. Tad is a guy who helped out in the NAIA Sports Information world during college, and fell in love with NAIA basketball. Some of you may know him from his NAIA DII Men’s Basketball Brackets on Twitter (@TadDorsey1). He also knows the Great Plains Athletic Conference really well, and is going to be a contributor on our GPAC Weekly Reviews. Look for his first post to be out around noon today.
  • We are also in contact now with another person who wants to help with the site. They have had their articles published in the Oregonian, and would be a great asset to the team. Hopefully, we will have more on this later.
  • It has been fun seeing this site grow, and we couldn’t do it without everyone who follows us, and reads the articles. We aren’t perfect, we aren’t professional writers, but you will ALWAYS get our best! THANK YOU ALL!!!

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