I am sure you have noticed a few additions we have made. We appreciate each and every one of you for visiting www.naiahoopsreport.com. This journey has been overwhelming, and we are humbled to have such great support. With that we have added two new advertisers to the mix, and invite you to check them out. These banners are set up to help us do two main things:

  1. Set up a Women’s Page, and hire someone for their time commitment to write posts
  2. To allow us to travel to more games this year, for better coverage!

The best part about our advertising banners?!? You don’t get charged more for the products you are already buying. You get to do all of your normal shopping that you do on Amazon and Championship Productions, using our banners before you make your normal purchases helps grow our site!

If you are like us, and use Amazon for everything, then this link is perfect for you. You can order everything you normally would buy off of Amazon, or Kindle with no additional costs.

For all of you who buy Championship Productions videos, we have banners for you to click on to make your orders. Again, nothing changes from your normal ordering, but if would do it from our links, we’d appreciate it.

Thank you again for ALL of your support. We look forward to continuing to improve the site, and bring you the best coverage of NAIA basketball!

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