Welcome to the NAIA Hoops Report Blog, your resource for ALL things for NAIA men’s basketball. I have a huge passion for small college athletics, and in particular for NAIA men’s basketball.  While I spent 14 years as a player or coach over various levels of college basketball, I always had a strong passion for NAIA. After having several chats with a few of my coaching buddies, they have encouraged me to start this blog, and to share my research and passion with everyone.  By no means is this page a platform for me to prove I know more than everyone else, or for me to act like I know everything there is about NAIA men’s basketball. I am just hoping that this site can help kids, parents, and fans realize how good the basketball is played at this level. When I got out of coaching my love for this level of college hoops didn’t go away, and now I am blessed enough to be in a position where I get to watch games all over the country.  I am also weird, and find enjoyment in researching leagues, teams, and players, and so this blog site will just be me sharing some of the information and breakdowns with everyone else in hopes that it will help to create some POSITIVE conversation. Fair warning that I am located in the Central part of the United States, so I will try my best to not be regionally biased.  Also, I will do my best to make sure I don’t have a ton of errors in my posts, but I am not an English major, so I can’t promise it will be perfect! As I wrap up my first blog post, I will leave you with this, I look forward to the positive interactions and I hope we can all discuss/interact with one another in a way that brings good attention to the great coaches, players, leagues, and institutions of NAIA men’s basketball.